February 4, 2009

this is the best day of my life again. happy hearts month!
the book is here!!!!!!!

that was pure luck when this happened last year,

remember this post?

and i got lucky again this year, unbelievably!:D thanks smith mag! thank you for the compli copy and the entire package and for shipping it worry-free!:D
i love you guys!


February 1, 2009

i woke up in a dream
a few minutes ago i was taken to a wonderland right smack in the middle of festival mall.

i met a bespectacled gnome who sat on a huge toadstool,

met a kindly turtle who was so rich we could talk over the phone without him worrying about his cellphone bill;

and listened to stories by a huge cuddly-looking ent!

one of the best days of my life.:D especially since i got my wish at the end:


January 21, 2009

got lovely mail with tons of stamps and fabulous stationery from the lovely orange_stardust.

in other news, inspired by galadarling, this is the year i’m planning to learn how to…

…use a hula hoop.:)
maybe if i practice enough i’d learn 🙂 any tips?

thanks again orange_stardust!:) will send you mail you again sometime soon:D

January 12, 2009

the other day i was able to buy Php40 shoes from shopwise. it was yellowing and a bit dirty, but with white acrylic paint, fabric paint and sharpies, i was able to fulfill my dream of having gems on my feet. hehe.

because i am camwhore like that.

was able to buy a red skirt (70% off!) with heart-shaped buttons. i love et.

January 9, 2009

a couple of collages featuring my loves: alice, birds, polkadots, teacups and unicorns!


January 9, 2009

Next Entry
got a present from my boss yesterday….

A deck of cat cards! 😀

January 7, 2009

meet ziggy. a collab with the girlfriend, i drew the girls and colored, she drew the patterns on the dresses.:D

January 6, 2009
best year ever

la luz vacay last christmas with family, plus a surprise visit to kate’s family and a surprise birthday party yahoooo

kept running after birds. wish the sun came out more, the water was icy-cold

ripe juicy watermelon

a la blair witch stone formation.

after christmas, had an impromptu meetup with ani and rona and chief and toti at moa. after that, headed the next day to kate’s cavite home, where i met her parents for the first time.

we watched a classic movie and went to e.k. the next day with her family. 😀

kate surprised me with a sninner (snack/dinner) at tokyo cafe, moa, where maricar and co. appeared,

with a few guest stars! mantakin mo yon!

with fireworks,

i won a pencil!

and an all-nighter videoke with the lowlas and din, jun and armin. whee!:D

pandas in the house, yo!

the video for 2 become 1 was scandalous.


and then yesterday got a birthday goodie package again, from my family and fairy godmothers.:D

it was love. pure pure happy love. ❤

December 18, 2008

think pink

watched “funny face” last night. how come i’ve never seen this before? what a lovely visual treat. it inspired me to take pics of pink things, like:

sanfo apple given by an officemate

December 16, 2008

skirting around

bought a scallop-y skirt from this kiddie store in greenbelt 5. was so thankful it fitted, they were selling clothes for kids ages 3 and up i think.

closer view